ICTAM Membership Requirement

Any persons over the age of eighteen years with appropriate formal training in the ICT discipline shall be eligible for membership of the association and shall, subject to the approval of the committee.

  1. Membership is based on a combination of ICT qualifications and relevant experience or on Demonstrated Equivalence
  2. Applicants with formal ICT qualifications will be required to provide a copy of their academic transcripts in support of their application. These must be either original documents or certified copies of original documents.
  3. Applicants with industry certification qualifications will be required to provide proof of their qualification.
  4. Any document that is not in English must be accompanied by a certified translation.
  5. All documents used to support an application will be retained by ICTAM.
  6. Only full time involvement in appropriate ICT activities will be considered. ICTAM must be satisfied that your experience is of a suitable quality as well as being in a suitable job classification.
  7. A reference number will be provided to you once your application has been submitted and should be included with any relevant documentation forwarded to Member Services to facilitate the application process, including payment.
  8. Ensure you read the Guidelines for membership before completing an application.
ICTAM Membership Categories

ICTAM has various levels of membership – Student, Individual and Corporate


Individuals who have attained the knowledge/educational requirements for Associate and Member but have not yet satisfied the experience or other requirements will be classified as Provisional Associate and Provisional Member.The Members, Senior Members and Fellows of the Association together form the Professional Division.An applicant can appeal a grading decision.


Acceptable Courses include all courses offered by the Malawi universities which have majors or minors in ICT, and by other institutions which are state Registered Training Institutions e.g. TEVETA and are offering courses in ICT which have been accredited by a suitable government authority at Advanced Diploma or Diploma level. Overseas qualifications holder in ICT in an Acceptable Course for which they are eligible to receive a Malawi qualification, may apply to join as a member.

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